CPD Compulsory Topics for Class 1 and Class 2 Licence Holders


Class 1 and class 2 Agents in Real Estate or Strata Management or Stock and Station must complete 4 hours of compulsory face-to-face or online interactive CPD each year.

If you cannot complete your compulsory CPD in a face-to-face or online interactive environment, you must instead complete 10 hours of CPD by online module. This must include all compulsory topics relevant to your licence category, plus your choice of other training to make up a total of 10 hours.

If you hold a class 1or class 2 licence for both real estate and strata, or real estate and stock and station, you will be required to undertake:

  • 4 hours of compulsory CPD for strata and 4 hours compulsory CPD for real estate (compulsory CPD hours need only be completed once, and completion will count towards your compulsory hours for both licence categories),

For example, an agent completes the compulsory CPD topic about supervisor’s obligations. The topic is applicable to both licence categories – strata and real estate. The agent only needs to complete the topic once and it is counted towards both licence categories (one hour for real estate and one hour for strata).


All resource guides and assessment practicums are provided to students in hard copy (including electronically if undertaking the training by correspondence). The resource guide is used to develop a sound knowledge base of each compulsory topic.

From 23 March 2023 and 22 March 2024 we will deliver the following compulsory topics:

1. Review of relevant changes to Regulations & Legislation (1.5hrs)

2. Managing unforeseen rental terminations – incarcerated, abandoned and deceased (1.5hrs)

                                   or for commercial agents  "Contracts for Sale - terms, conditions and responsibilities of agents" (1.5hrs)

3. Importance of Supervision Guidelines (1 hour)


Class 1 and class 2 licence holders who successfully complete their CPD training face to face 4hrs or 10hrs of CPD online/by correspondence, will be issued with a written notice within 10 business days (including an electronic copy) demonstrating completion of their training including the following information:

  • the participant’s name as shown on their licence, licence number, email address and phone number
  • the results of any assessment required by the compulsory topic outline
  • the title of the compulsory learning topic that was completed
  • the date, time and place the compulsory topic was undertaken
  • the method of delivery of the compulsory topic
  • the duration in hours for completion of the compulsory topic
  • the type of assessment, and
  • the name of the approved provider and person delivering the topic. If the provider or person delivering is registered with ASQA, details of their registration details

Note: Class 1 or class 2 licence holders completing their CPD training online/by correspondence, will be issued a written notice covering the additional training completed.

Additional CPD topics for class 1 and class 2 licence holders completing their training online or by corrspendence


Students will receive the compulsory topics as mentioned above and the following elective topics to complete their 10 hours of CPD training. All resource guides are provided in PDF format and sent in an email.


Show Leadership in the Workplace

In this topic, you will understand leadership and its role in business growth. You will learn about leadership styles and reflect on your role as leader of your company. You will learn to be more confident as a leader and find new ways of influencing the teams you lead to get the most out of them.

Note: This topic makes up 3 hours of CPD (with activities)

Conflict Resolution and Management Skills

Conflict resolution is a critical managerial skill that can often lead to law suits if not used to maintain the relationship. This topic explores the factors that drive conflict and the skills required to effectively intervene and facilitate positive outcomes.

Note: This topic makes up 1.5 hours of CPD (with activities)

Hazardous Materials - Management and Disclosure (Work Health and Safety)

In this topic, you will learn how to identify and manage hazards when working in the property industry and ensuring compliance with the work health and safety laws.

Note: This topic makes up 1.5 hours of CPD (with activities)


Class 1 and Class 2 - 4 hours face to face only $214.00

Class 1 and Class 2 - 10 hours by correspondence $319.00

(4hrs compulsory $199 6hrs elective $120.00)