Our consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: compliance, risk management, process management, technology, government processes – including ex gratia applications, systems and procedures. 
We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, both as agents and trainers, the ability to go beyond normal limits, but are known for solving problems faster and smarter: we take stock of our resources on all property related matters in order to achieve the desired outcomes for our clients. We have proven effective with identifying and managing opportunities across the property agents’ sector where others see only unmanageable risk.  
Please call us to book an appointment to explain your subject matter and the outcome you would like to achieve.

Services include;

strategies for crisis management 
a business audit (minimum 5 hrs at $2000 and followup at $200 hr)
compliance management (assisting with developing policies and procedures)
workplace safety orientations
insurance policies and risk management
‘future of work’ advice
assistance with government applications
information technology systems 
develop a business plan for your business
develop a marketing plan and swot analysis for your business 
visiting the workplace, meeting with staff and analysing market trends
feasibility reports and running competitive analysis 
formulate a plan to achieve your goal in the most cost-effective way.


Hunter region and surrounding areas


$200 hr +GST

How to make an appointment

If you are interested in our services please call (02) 4001 0128