CPD Elective Topics Class 1 and Class 2 Licence Holders

Learning Strategy

All resource guides are provided in PDF format and sent in an email.


Workplace Health and Safety

This topic aims to introduce you to the important role played by a property practitioner across a broad spectrum of work. It is a must in addressing personal health and safety, as well as impacting health and safety issues on clients, customers and other staff.

The course also introduces you to the new approved code of practice under section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act (the WHS Act) and is critically important to the role of managing work and health and safety risks of premises and estates.

The WHS Act and Regulations require persons who have a duty to ensure health and safety to ‘manage risks' by eliminating health and safety risks so far as is reasonably practicable. The course book will cover the trade related issues and the risk management approach used, to give delegates the confidence they need in tackling safety, theft and security issues quickly, efficiently and economically.

Note: This topic makes up 1.5 hours of CPD activity (without an assessment)
Ethics & Professional Responsibility

This topic gives an insight into the ethical and professional conduct standards that go with the legal responsibilities required within the property industry, very much centred around disclosure, bribes, political donations, kickbacks & human behaviour. We emphasise best practice using case study examples, identifying what is legal, what is ethical, while raising awareness to poor ethical behaviour and the likely outcomes which come from this.

Note: This topic makes up 1.5 hours of CPD activity (without an assessment)

From March 2021 the following CPD Elective Topics will be available for Class 1 and Class 2 Licence holders;

  • Communication skills and/or practice (1.5hrs)
  • Property practice (sales and property management) (1.5hrs)  

*From March 2021 all Class 1 licence holders will be required to complete 3 hours of business skills topics per year. Industry Training Consultants in the first year will deliver training in Supervision requirements.

Time Frame

Agents are required to set aside 3 hours to read the resource guides and sign an acknowledgment letter before commencement.


Some resource guides provide a further range of activities; most are suited to all abilities and applicable to the agent's licence category.


A class 1 and class 2 licence holder who successfully completes the elective topics will be issued with a written notice within 10 business days (including an electronic copy) demonstrating completion of the elective topic (or topics) including the following information:

  • the participant’s name as shown on their licence, licence number, email address and phone number
  • the title of the elective learning topic that was completed
  • the date, time and place the elective topic was undertaken
  • the duration in hours for completion of the elective topic
  • the name of the approved provider.

Study Option and Price

Correspondence – self paced learning $80.00 AUD