CPD Compulsory Topics for Class 1 and Class 2 Licence Holders

Learning Strategy

All resource guides and assessment practicums are provided to students in hard copy (including electronically if undertaking the training by correspondence). The resource guide is used to develop a sound knowledge base of each compulsory topic.

Compulsory topics will change each CPD year. Between 23 March 2021 and 22 March 2022, the compulsory topics are:

  1. COVID Safe Business (1 hour)
  2. Disclosure of Material Facts (1 hour)
  3. Short-term Rental Accommodation Code of Conduct (1 hour)

NOTE: All class 1 and class 2 licence holders must complete the compulsory topics.


A class 1 and class 2 licence holder who successfully completes the compulsory topics will be issued with a written notice within 10 business days (including an electronic copy) demonstrating completion of the compulsory topic including the following information:

  • the participant’s name as shown on their licence, licence number, email address and phone number
  • the results of any assessment required by the compulsory topic outline
  • the title of the compulsory learning topic that was completed
  • the date, time and place the compulsory topic was undertaken
  • the method of delivery of the compulsory topic
  • the duration in hours for completion of the compulsory topic
  • the type of assessment, and
  • the name of the approved provider and person delivering the topic. If the provider or person delivering is registered with ASQA, details of their registration details

Study Options and Prices

  • Face to face (Newcastle $160.00 AUD)
  • Face to face (Far North Coast/Northern Tablelands $179.00 AUD)
  • Correspondence – self paced learning $149.00 AUD