Know Your Workplace Rights & Work Health and Safety Legislation

Do you know what your workplace rights are and is your office compliant with work health and safety legislation?
It’s essential that you know your work health and safety legislation and workplace rights to understand what you’re entitled to. This fee-free course will guide you through your workplace rights, work health and safety legislation and give advice on what to do, if you think your employer is not meeting their responsibilities.


• Work in a safe and healthy environment, free from unreasonable hazards and risks
• Not to have your health and safety put at risk by work that is carried out
• Be provided with safe systems of work
• Have your employer monitor your health and conditions at the workplace
• Be provided with facilities at work
• Be consulted on work health and safety issues that affect your work
• Refuse to perform work that you reasonably think would expose you to risk of immediate serious harm or serious injury
• Your legal entitlements such as pay, breaks and leave
• What information should be on your pay slips
• What to do if you are injured at work
• What to do if you’re being bullied at work
• What to do if you’re being sexually harassed at work
• The difference between coaching and counselling.


Classroom – Face to face


NOTE: A product demonstration will be shown on how the AGENTSAFE CLOUD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WORKS by AgentSafe for Real Estate.

If you are a licensee that wants to know more about your HR responsibilities to help support employees in the workplace or if you are an employee that feels they are mistreated and need help - please contact the following;


  • United Services Union (USU) if you are a Property/Strata Manager, Licensee, Clerical and/or Administrative employee (website is currently being updated)


Hunter region and surrounding areas


Fee-free course


If you are interested in attending this course please call (02) 4001 0128 or send an email to [email protected].


Please Note: This course is not accredited. It was developed to inform students of their rights at work and responsibilities under work health and safety legislation.