CPD - Face to Face

Learning Strategy

All resource guides and assessment practicums are provided to students in hard copy. The resourse guide is used to develop a sound knowledge base of the topic.

Topic - What You Should Know About Defamation

Australia's defamation laws are crucial in identifying risks associated with publishing potentially defamatory content, or harming a person's reputation by publication of information. Participants will learn what to do to reduce the risk of being sued for defamation - including defences and what you can do if you have been defamed. This course addresses important areas of the property industry that can give rise to an action in defamation against particular parties.

To successfully attain 12 CPD points over the 4 nominal hours of this course, you will be required to complete a range of assessment tasks linked to a unit of competency from a nationally endorsed training package.

NOTE: For students undertaking this course face to face, there are timely updates on legislative changes in the NSW property sector.

Time Frame

4 hours


A student who successfully completes the course will be issued with a statement of attainment and transcript, which shows the number of CPD points earned.


$189.00 AUD (Newcastle/Central Coast)
$199.00 AUD (Far North Coast/Northern Tablelands)

CPD Points

12 points